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I can teach you how to create 3D models, 2D drawings, assemblies, animation, and photo-realistic rendering of any product in SolidWorks.

I am a design and drafting professional with seven years of experience operating Computer Aided Drafting and Design Software (CAD). I specialize in engineering part design, drawings, and photo-realistic renderings using SolidWorks and AutoCAD. I am proficient in reverse engineering, calculations of tolerances for parts and assemblies, problem-solving through research, and preparation of mechanical, civil, and electrical drawings from engineering sketches.

My Expertise
3D SolidWorks CAD model

Three-dimensional (3D) models help to visualize any product and maximize the design productivity, making necessary modification immediately if required early in the design stage.

2D SolidWorks CAD drawing

Two-dimensional engineering drawings are quick, efficient ways to understand how to manufacture any product without the effort of making one prototype after another.

SolidWorks CAD photo-realistic rendering

Solidworks Assembly allows you to combine your part designs into 3D assemblies. You will learn how to create a working assembly of any product.

Featured Projects
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SolidWorks Assembly
Sharpie | Photo-Realistic Rendering
2D Drawing | SolidWorks
Apple Watch | Photo-Realistic Render
2D Drawing | SolidWorks
Bike | Photo-Realistic Rendering

May I thank you for your effort in explaining and guiding all SolidWorks users, you're really expert and professional. I really benefited from your tutorials. We take SolidWorks in our university as a full course and your tutorials help a lot.

Ahmed A. Alwael